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Who are we?

“From the heart with love” was established on May 12, 2020 as a non-profit association founded by the company Meridian Tech d.o.o., which operates under the brand Meridian.

The foundation aims to improve the quality of life, social, and economic position, as well as the degree of social inclusion of vulnerable categories of the population in Serbia.

Meridian has been operating in more than 30 markets in Europe and the world with great success for two decades.



Goals of the Foundation

Aware that the values ​​of solidarity, humanity, personal and corporate socially engaged initiatives are crucial in times of tribulations, the goals and main directions of the Foundation’s activities are:

  • Supporting vulnerable groups, primarily through the organization of humanitarian actions and campaigns aimed at reducing poverty
  • Supporting the ones who were hit the hardest by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Providing assistance to children without parental care and work on their full social inclusion
  • Promoting the value of sports and raising awareness of the importance of the general physical culture of the population
  • Investing in knowledge and innovation, as well as promoting business models that indirectly contribute to environmental protection
  • Improving the position of culture, science, and education
  • Advocating the importance of corporate social responsibility and raising the quality of life of the community


Areas of activity

Having in mind the identified challenges faced by the local community and the society in which we operate, the Foundation “From Heart with Love” achieves its goals by acting through the following priority areas:

  • Design and implementation of humanitarian campaigns and relief actions
  • Campaigns to support health workers and strengthen the capacity of the national health system in the fight against dangerous diseases
  • Financing projects in the field of social inclusion, improvement of knowledge and skills, and lifelong learning intended for vulnerable categories of the population
  • Scholarship and mentoring programs for gifted students, as well as material support and promotion of projects in the field of education, professional capacity building and employability of young people
  • Raising awareness of the importance of corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and personal development through the organization of public events, educational programs and media campaigns

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